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Signature batch 2


Who doesn’t know clogs? The wooden sandals that are popular in children’s games are actually made of klompen or wooden footwear that are hundreds of years old.



Wooden sandals, also known as klompen, have historically been used in Indonesia since the Dutch colonial era. Clog is a kind of shoe made simply or directly from wood. Wooden shoes are used all over the world and although their shape may vary by culture, within a culture their shape often remains unchanged for hundreds of years. We can tell a lot about the history of wooden sandals.

Wooden footwear goes back at least 800 years based on currently available data. Fortunately old illustrations and artwork have provided some evidence, as excavated samples are extremely rare. Most of the worn wooden footwear is turned into firewood, making finds in Amsterdam and Rotterdam even more valuable. Good examples found are dated around 1230 and 1280.

Learning and improving from the previous version we took this Signatuer Series 2 idea from many wooden sandals in the world, and we modified it to be as attractive as possible, as comfortable as possible, and as environmentally friendly as possible, we give a touch of art in this signature series 2 in the form of woven fabrics in Indonesia, we make 4 wooden sandals which we named, Tualen, Moko, Kala, Wooden Perc.

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