Starting with Perc Series


The use of cow skins for human purposes goes with the development of human civilization, Of all the by-products of cow slaughter, Skin is a product of the highest economic value since prehistoric times the use of skin has been known to the public. This is seen from written relics and carved on stone reliefs indicating how the processing of the skin and the use of it in humans for clothing and so forth.




The ancient sumerians living in the mesopotamian region were the first to make coin-leather sandals, The cowhide also has an elegant, simple look that people are more interested in finally wearing cowhide sandals,
Starts with the story above.

The perc series was born of the idea of 3 people united, the result of passion and synergy that gave birth to classical sandals,
The perc series hada desire to make these classic slippers have an elegant and simple look, and have small environmental impact,
A beetle startup from surabaya made 2 variants of cow skin in this perc series,
Skin dark and light, the outer sol of the perc series is made of environmentally friendly rubber. designed by modern techniques that make the perc series strong, light and attractive for use in all conditions.


Photo and text by Frm

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